There are many things that can go wrong with your flat roof from leaks to blisters to mold. Make sure you take care of these small problems before they snowball into larger ones.


Leaking roofs are one of the worst things that can happen to a building. And cause the biggest headache. It can be hard to discern where a leak is coming from and it is guaranteed to be nearly impossible for you to fix it alone. A leaking roof is by no means the only reason you may need to have your roof repaired, but it is a very common one.


Reasons for Repair

Apart from the obvious leaking, when you need to have your flat roof repaired there will be very obvious signs:

Flat roofs tend to leak more than other roof types because of their design. The reason for your flat roof leaking can be:

Flat Roof Repair Options

Depending on the severity of the leak you have a couple of options. Before jumping to full roof replacement see if you can have it repaired. This repair can be temporary or permanent, again depending on the problem. Temporary flat roof repairing is cost effective and buys you time to consider all your options and save money for that permanent solution. Permanent flat roof repairs on the other hand will last the rest of the roof’s lifetime. That is, until it is in an overall bad enough condition that it needs replacement.

AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal’s Flat Roof Repair

No matter what your roof material there will be both temporary and permanent solutions available. The first two things our repairman will do is identify the material of your flat roof and perform a full inspection from the outside in to determine the full extent of your problem. The problem with your roof may stem from any one or combination, or these things:


Our repairman will then explain to you the options available to you and the approximate costs of each. The actual repair of the roof will involve a second inspection by our team to make sure nothing was missed the first time and will require our team to move exterior furniture if present and place protective barriers around the work area. This may disrupt entry into the building for a brief period but we do our best to allow you to continue on with your day as normal.

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