We know leaks and other flat roof problems need immediate attention to keep them from ruining the structure of your building and assets.


Whether you have an obvious leak or you’ve noticed a hole in your roof after a bad storm, some problems need immediate attention. It’s common to call roofing places with these problems and get a lackluster response and then be told they can have someone there for you within a week. While a week isn’t necessarily the end of the world, it’d be nicer to get a faster response wouldn’t it?

Well with us, you can expect a consultant to contact you within a day of you first reaching out to us. We can guarantee that we will take your emergency seriously. We understand that the longer a leak or a hole remains in your roof the more widespread the problem becomes.



 Here are some emergencies we are equipped to deal with immediately:

Leaking flat roof is the number one headache and worry for flat roof owners like yourself. You’ve probably heard that flat roofs leak more than pitched ones. This is a myth. All roofs leak is they are not properly maintained or not properly installed in the first place. You can take preventative measures against leaks by having your flat roof inspected frequently and have a regular maintenance done as well in the spring and autumn.

Water pooling on your roof may not scream major emergency to you, but it is one. It’s a precursor to massive leaking and water damage requiring you to get a full roof replacement. So if you see water pooling, don’t leave it hoping it will drain, when it clearly isn’t, or magically evaporate. Call us immediately.

Sometimes a blocked outlet is a very simple affair to fix, sometimes it’s not. If you have reduced your water pooling problem down to a blocked drain but can’t fix it yourself, you should call us fast so that it doesn’t snowball into a major water pooling problem and leaking.


AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal’s 24/7 Emergency Services

Emergency services from us are available 24/7 so you can, at the very least, contact us and we can give you a temporary solution until we get there. For whatever emergency you have we will perform a full inspection, this is not because we don’t believe you when you tell us what your emergency is, it’s so that we don’t miss anything. Like mentioned earlier, one emergency can trigger other issues that need to be dealt with that the untrained (no offence!) eye can’t see. We think it’s important for our customers to understand the work required and we will discuss with you what needs to happen before actually doing it. Once we have your go ahead we will gather any additional materials we need and get right to work.