Many modern homes use flat roofs because of their versatility and sleek look they add. Contrary to popular belief flat roofs do not leak more than pitched and so you should not be worried about getting one on you home because of this.


Want to do something different with your house? Sick of the cookie cutter mold you bought and want something a little more modern? Flat roofs have been around for a long time. And while we don’t try to claim that they are the best solution for every modern house design, they are certainly a cost effective option to look into. If you have a flat roof already and are concerned about leaking and other problems we also offer maintenance and repair plans.




1) Flat roofs can’t support heavy snowfall

Local building design codes require builders to design the building to withstand local snowfall.

2) Flat roofs leak more

All types of roofs can leak. Choosing materials that withstand local weather better will decrease the likelihood you will have to fix a leak, as will regular maintenance and inspection of your roof.

3) Flat roofs are expensive

Flat roofs actually require fewer materials to build and are simpler in design. The cost of materials may be higher upfront but both flat and pitched roofs vary enough that you really have to compare specific roof makes and materials as sometimes a flat roof will be cheaper than a pitched and vice-versa.

4) Flat roofs are flat

This one is just plain wrong. All roofs have to have some pitch to them to allow water drain. Thus, all flat roofs are slanted enough so that water will run off them.

5) Flat roofs can’t be insulated

Whether you can insulate your roof or not depends on the dimensions of the structure, but most building have enough space to allow for a flat roof to have insulation.

Leak Protection

The number one concern for most homeowners with a flat roof will be leaking. It’s a valid concern to be sure, but it is easily solved. The solution is to perform regular maintenance and inspections of your roof either yourself if you are knowledgeable or through a contractor like us.


A good maintenance plan will extend the life of your flat roof and prevent water damage to the rest of your house from leaking. Maintenance plans will fix all of these issues before they become larger problems:

Flat roof maintenance plans should include 2 scheduled maintenance sessions in spring and fall and plans to have at least an inspection done after heavy storms.

AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal’s Residential Flat Roofs

Whether it’s a repair or new flat roof construction you’re after, we start all our projects with a thorough and free inspection. At the same time we will gladly give you a quote for the job and answer any questions you have. If you are getting a new roof we will also go over the different types of flat roof materials you can choose from and their price points. Construction and maintenance by us is one as discreetly as possible and includes warranties on all labour and products.