Flat roofs are the long-standing standard on institutional buildings such as community centres, hospitals and schools. We are able to do a wide range of repairs and full flat roof replacements on all kinds of institutional buildings.


When we talk about institutional roofs we mean the roofs of schools, hospital, universities, community centres and the like.  Most institutions, like schools and community centres agree that roof maintenance is critical to extending the life not just of the roof, but of the entire building. If you own or manage an institutional building you most likely have one with a flat roof.



It’s unfortunate, but lots of institutional buildings don’t start a maintenance plan until there are already serious issues. Issues that require major repair work or a full replacement. If your building doesn’t have a maintenance schedule it is a good idea to start one now. Generally maintenance should be scheduled twice a year in spring and fall. Proper maintenance of your institution, whether that be school, community centre or other will increase the life of your flat roof and protect your building from the consequences of common flat roof problems.

Repairs and replacements

You want to keep your institution open and have it running as smoothly as possible so repairing or replacing a flat roof on an institutional building requires extra planning and care for this end. You want to look for a contractor that will work around your operational requirements as much as possible. This includes taking things into account like:
• All entry/exit points
• Employee access
• Patron access
• Noise
• Dust, debris and other air pollutants

Ideally you will want to hire a contractor that you know will put everything back in its place so neither you nor your employees have to go to the hassle. Yes, we do this at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal. You’ll also want to make sure the contractor is fast and efficient so that any necessary noise pollution and schedule interruptions are short-lived. We are happy to say that many jobs we do, even full flat roof replacements, can be done in one day.

The best way to avoid emergency flat roof expenses or the cost of having to fully replace your institutional flat roof before its design life expectancy is to have scheduled maintenance. It’s very easy to setup a maintenance plan that covers and prevents all the common problems:
• Leaking
• Water Pooling
• Blistering
• Cracking
• Blocked Drains
• Snowfall
• Debris

All of these problems lead to you having to replace your roof far sooner than planned, but it’s easy to avoid by having a maintenance plan and regularly scheduled inspections.

AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal’s Institutional Flat Roofs

We know that there is a lot of money put into your roof, that’s why we thoroughly check the roof to begin with so that we can mitigate problems before they become rally big problems. Our free inspection is the first step to doing business with us but after that we are very flexible and willing to meet your needs, though of course we will be happy to provide you our expert opinion. All repairs, scheduled maintenance and replacements with us are carried out discretely and as efficiently as possible leaving you unaware that we were even there.