The Value in Regular Inspections of Commercial Flat Roofing

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Flat roofs, by nature, are highly expensive installations. On commercial buildings, these roofing systems are designed to protect the machinery, goods and equipment within, some of which can be quite costly to replace. While flat roofing systems are durable by design, when installed correctly, regular inspections are still necessary to protect its integrity. On commercial buildings, flat roofs are preferred over sloped as the installation process is often easier, especially in city centers. These flat roofs however, are constantly inundated with rain, snow, wind, freezing temps, and damaging UV rays. This constant exposure to the elements can cause deficiencies to develop, and early discovery is the best way to prevent any lasting damage. As a business, or building owner you may take great care to maintain the look and feel of your commercial building such as lawn or sidewalk maintenance, HVAC system maintenance, etc. But for many, your flat roofing system is simply out of sight, and out of mind.

Without regular inspection, roof deterioration and leaks can go unnoticed until its too late. Mold growth can spread quickly in the event of a leak, and this can cause serious structural deficiencies. In the event of a natural disaster, any damage caused to the commercial roof may not be covered by insurance, if regular maintenance as been neglected. The cost of such an issue can be overwhelming, and this situation is not at all uncommon. Commercial buildings need to be open and available to customers in order to be successful, though many are forced to close their doors as they undergo roof repairs, and replacements. This can be avoided by having your commercial flat roof inspected regularly.

An large percentage of early flat roof failures are a direct result of neglecting the much-needed regular flat roof maintenance. Commercial flat roofs that deteriorate before their time can result in costly damage to both employees, goods, and equipment. Not only would the building owner be responsible for the cost of the flat roof replacement, they will likely be liable for any personal injury as well.

Regular commercial flat roof inspections help to keep the roofing system in good condition while also:

  • Reducing your monthly energy bills
  • Providing peace of mind to the property/business owner
  • Ensuring that the contents within the commercial building are undamaged
  • Reducing the likelihood of mold development
  • Ensuring the safety of both customers, and employees
  • And it may also reduce the cost of your insurance if you can provide comprehensive flat roof inspection reports.

In our province, a large percentage of issues discovered by these inspections are directly related to roof leaks, and water damage. By taking the necessary preventative measures to ensure that your commercial flat roof remains in good condition you can stop these issues before they grow. To be simple, providing your commercial flat roof with the regular inspections that it needs can help to prolong the lifespan of your commercial roofing system.

Flat roof inspectionMost property owners are aware that the occasional visual inspection is necessary. That being said, nothing is better than having a comprehensive flat roof inspection done, especially after a particularly inclement weather season. As a general rule, every commercial flat roof should be thoroughly inspected twice a year. Once in the spring, to check for any signs of damage caused throughout the winter months, and once in the Fall, to ensure that the commercial flat roof is in optimal condition to be effective over the colder months. While professional inspections should always be part of your commercial buildings maintenance plan, there are some things that the owner, or property manager can spot on their own. By inspecting your commercial flat roof yourself when it’s safe to do so, in between these professional inspections, you are far more likely to discover any issues before they can get out of hand.

The cost to regularly maintain your commercial flat roof, and have it thoroughly inspected is fairly low, especially when compared to the cost of a full flat roof replacement. Large scale repairs can creep up on you if you do not have a sufficient inspection and maintenance plan in place. Set your mind at ease, and reduce the likelihood of a disruption to the services you offer. Have your commercial flat roof inspected regularly.