Firestone is a known and trusted brand offering a wide range of construction materials from EPDM to insulation. We use Firestone products because of their consistent high quality.


We use a range of Firestone products in our flat roof projects whether it’s a repair or replacement. Firestone offers building products for: roofs, walls and lining. We, being roof contractors, tend to focus on the roofing product line. Firestone’s roofing product line ranges from single-ply materials to metal to asphalt-based systems.


Firestone TPO

Especially popular for commercial projects, Firestone thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply TPO roof membrane material. Its traction in commercial projects comes from its heat-reflective energy saving properties that brings down heating costs. Firestone TPO is also ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure resistant. A typical properly maintained TPO flat roof will last you at least 10 years. Firestone’s TPO flat roofing system comes with a warranty.

Firestone TPO comes in several varieties, here are a few you might be interested in:

Firestone EPDM

EPDM is a synthetic rubber single-ply membrane at the core of Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM roofing line. The RubberGard line has a few options and accessories:

RubberGard EPDM boasts:


EPDM roofs typically last 35 years. Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. EPDM is one of the easiest roofs to install and it has been around the longest, which means there is a broad knowledge base for it and it is easy for us to troubleshoot.

Firestone Insulation

Firestone offers a high-performance insulation called Polyiso. It is an insulation that delivers the highest R-value per in in real world conditions. The R-value on insulation is simply the measurement of how well the insulation holds in heat. The higher the R-value the better the product is at keeping heat in. Insulation can be difficult to install, dangerous and messy. Firestone Polyiso insulation on the other hand:

Firestone Accessories

Like mentioned earlier, Firestone offers complimenting accessories to all its product lines. The accessories for EPDM and TPO membranes make installation incredibly smooth and the finished roof very durable. To get a picture of the types of accessories we are talking about take a look at this list: