Creating a Flat Roof Maintenance Plan to Last All Year with AM Flat Roofing

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For a business, you need to protect your assets and your investment – your people are your greatest strength and the products you produce are what drive your bottom line. When they become jeopardized because you have roofing problems – it is important to get ahead of the problem initially. That comes with a solid maintenance plan to keep your roof, your employees, and your products from any unsafe situation that can be created by a faulty roofing system. At AM Flat Roofing Solutions we want to advise any business or commercial operation that as part of wraparound service for flat roofing systems we offer a comprehensive workup of your roofing needs. We will propose a plan to keep the problems from impacting your business operations, and build a tailor-made plan to suit your building and your budget when we come to your location for a complete consultation. A preventative roof maintenance plan has never been more important, but the devil is always in the details and we would like to expound on them as we go forward with you during the consultative phase of our meeting with you.

The importance of roof maintenance for your commercial venture

• A roof maintenance plan – whether it is for a commercial application or in a residential setting – it prevents costly repairs form catching you by surprise. A little foresight and some proactive initiatives will help get you off on the right foot for your roofing maintenance plan. When you are working with a quality contractor like us at AM Flat Roofing Solutions, we can help detect the flaws in your roofing system and schedule repairs to keep the costs of maintenance small for your budget. We offer a wide array of services that include by aren’t limited to inspections, infrared roofing surveys, gutter clearing, debris removal, small general repairs and roof coatings that are all part of a roofing system.

Roof warranties are critical for your protection

When you rent or own space for your business or commercial venture it is up to you to keep the building in good operational condition. To maintain your warranty, you need to keep up with regular inspections and small repairs that help keep your warranty valid within the guidelines of the warranty you purchased. When you put the time and money in the small repair an inspections that your warranty calls for. A contractor and/or manufacturer will more than likely cover your claims rather than declining them because you haven’t met the terms of the warranty.

On any work site, safety is job ONE

• Any property manager or property owner must understand that providing a safe environment to work in the most important thing they can do. You can always replace a part or a product, but you can’t replace a human being. Everybody needs to go home after a day’s work and a well-maintained roofing system will assure it.

When you want to develop a roof maintenance program, you need to hire a contractor to provide the services your roof will need over the course of a year or two depending on how far out you plan. Certainly, a contractor will need to be cognizant of your needs – budget constraints, scheduling, and long-lasting work are part of the necessities that need to be spoken to when hiring a professional contractor. When you are short-listing a contractor there are some factors to take into consideration before you sign any maintenance contracts with a roofing company.

Do’s and don’ts when hiring a contractor

• Communications is everything when you deal with anybody – the old saw that the first casualty of business is communication is never more apparent that when you hire outside your business. Keeping the lines of communication open is part of what a successful contractor does – sometimes it seems like it is unnecessary, but you never know when you are going need your contractor in a pinch.
• Services are what make up a maintenance contract – make sure that the services are spelled out before you sign. Things that should be included are gutter cleaning, debris removal from your roof and removing any items on the roof that can cause problems that create repairs.
• Your contractor should be completely fluent with your warranty – if they don’t understand the responsibilities of the warranty, they can’t provide effective solutions that adhere to the details of the warranty.
• If references are important to you when are hiring a contractor, there are many sources to review. Consult Yelp, Google or the Better Business Bureau, as places that will hold the information you need to make the right decision for your business.

Once you have got the details out of the way, you need to set up a maintenance schedule to cover off the problems before they grow to major repairs. Maintenance should take place at least twice a year – except for emergencies – and the best time to do the work is in the spring or fall. Winter and summer are the hardest seasons on your roof based on the extreme nature of the weather that comes with summer and winter. If you have experienced a server weather event like a tornado, hail or intemperate winter storm – as a precaution – have your roofing company come out for a quick inspection. It will stall small problems from becoming bigger ones and reduce your overall costs of maintenance for your roofing system.
A roofing maintenance contract is an easy way for a building owner or property manager to ensure their commercial roof is in great condition and that the integrity of the warranty is maintained. The contract is a plan that schedules regular roof maintenance, cleaning, and inspections that come with proper roof maintenance.
Roofing systems come with strengths and weakness and when we think about sealing a roof, the seams are an area of vulnerability. Seams are created when two pieces of roofing material meet, and the structural weakness needs to be monitored to prevent leaks. Plumbing, Air Conditioning units, and skylights should be monitored for the same reason that seams should be. They create openings in the roof and leaks can occur when those inserts in roofing system fail to be watertight. Flashings are the great equalizer for the inserts on your roof – the will cover the edges of an A/C unit or be installed along a seam – the seams are made of metal and if you have a quality installation they protect your roofing system for a long time.
At AM Flat Roofing Solutions, we have provided quality roofing maintenance plans for business and commercial ventures for over 60-years. Our workmanship comes with a warranty that will cover a building owner or property manager for 10-years as our guarantee for the work.
When you are struggling with the formation of a roofing maintenance plan for your operation, make arrangements to meet with us at AM Flat Roofing Solutions to help you write the plan that will serve you well. For a free meeting, a roof inspection and free estimate for the costs of roof maintenance call our office today at 1.877.281.6900.