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When you run or own a business you face many irritants – some minor – some major – but you face them nevertheless and carry on. It could be a flu bug that runs through your staff, leaving you shorthanded, or it could be a snowstorm that impacts your ability to ship goods or receive customers at your commercial or industrial location, or an event can have a big impact on your ability to use your building. In that light, a roofing problem is a key driver for service or a roof replacement. And that is when you need a certified a roofing contractor to clear out the problem. For us at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Barrie, we have spent what seems a lifetime correcting roofing problems in the commercial and or industrial sector and our work is capable and competent when you need our help. Our solutions are made from the evaluation of three different problems; the weather, the climate and how you use your building will shape our determination for your roof repair or replacement.

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  • The roofing business has been revolutionized by solutions to meet specific problems and one problem that confounds building owners is heat island. It is the direct result of UV rays hitting your roof – if the building is in an area with many others – radiation comes from the buildings. Once the heat discharge starts to linger on a roof, it will blister the cover and the TPO, single-ply rubber roof cover is made to meet the challenges from this problematic situation. The rubber system can be coloured to deal with UV ray intensity and the colours available are grey, white or black to structure the response to the problem.
  • Dealing with a number of general problems that a roofing system can experience is what the EPDM single-ply system can do for your building. Previously – over five decades ago – the roofing industry tried to extend the longevity of a roofing system and this system was created for 30-years of life. To get there, the system had to made with a material that would last and synthetic rubber was chosen due to its ability to sustain damage and respond well. If you need to right-size your building through renovations or changes to the use of the building, the system is capable of receiving inserts like skylights or vents to provide greater use of the building.
  • If saving money is part of the equation when shopping for a new roof, take a look at the built-up layered solution that is modified bitumen for your roof. The matte sheets that cement the cover of your roof are made from one or two different materials – polyester or fibreglass – both materials are known for strength and durability that produce a reliable roof cover. Dropping new matte sheets in is an easy installation and if one needs to be replaced it is as simple as pulling up a damaged sheet and replacing it with a new should you need to.
  • Over time the oldest roofing system around has changed and the ability to evolve is what keeps the tar and gravel system in services after all these years. It is a system that will hold many advantages for a sloped or flat system and it starts with the durability it provides from the asphalt and fiberglass matte sheets that are the basis for the covering. Keeping installation and repair costs down is one thing that this system does extremely well – new sheets install very quickly and replacement sheets are inexpensive from a cost price and an installation price when the situation arises.


We, at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Barrie are looked upon as an industry leader in the roofing game based on 60 plus-years serving the needs of many building and business owners. Once you have received a quality roof repair or replacement we give you a 10-year labour warranty to cover your roof cover.

Barrie is a bedroom community for commuters into the City of Toronto and it has been for at least 40-years. Certainly, many residents chase their career there, but Barrie has a vibrant, diversified economy that touches on many sectors of business.

To keep trade and commerce moving the right direction, local business knows that our firm, AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Barrie has the right solution for their business when they need us.

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