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AM Flat Roofing Solutions in AngusKeeping your commercial or industrial enterprise viable is the primary responsibility of a business owner – it the difference between making a fortune and losing one. In some businesses a physical location is the most important part of a business, location for traffic – retail or shipping – is an important factor, and that dictates building maintenance is part of the equation. A parking lot may need work, your lighting should be bright and welcoming and your roof should be strong and tough to keep out the weather. When the roof needs a little help or a full-blown replacement, know that we at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Aurora have your back. We are a reputable contractor that has many years service in our business and we don’t just sell you a roof, we take into account factors that will cause problems so we can mitigate them first. Things like the climate in your region are a concern for us as is the weather and building use before we issue our idea of what a quality roof will be for your building.

AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Aurora, quality work means long-lasting results

  • Keeping a roof overhead is a challenge; it takes some understanding of your area before you can buy the best solution for your firm. When you are located amid other buildings in a tight space, heat island will come from the UV rays that hit your building all day every day. A TPO solution will prevent the problems that UV rays and heat radiation create with its top-notch rubber cover from the single-ply roofing category. To keep up with the problems that the heat causes, this system can be created in one of three different colours – white, grey and black – will help with your roof’s resiliency when UV rays are a threat.
  • To take a roofing solution to the next level, it must be able to work with two types of buildings, flat and sloped roof buildings to be precise. That is what the EPDM solution can do for a building when it is chosen. Some for characteristics that make this single-ply, synthetic rubber system appealing is a long-life – 30-years or more – was the biggest advantage that it came to market with over 50-years ago. When the system was in the developmental stage, one important upgrade was included – it can be modified for a vent or skylight when the building use of need changes and that is an excellent option for a building owner with plans for their facility.
  • Certainly, roofing work can be an unbearable expense if you make the wrong choice, but if you choose the modified bitumen solution, you can change the financial outlook of the work. The value f this system comes from the built-up, layered materials that make up the matte sheets that meet the test of problematic weather every day. Coming from either polyester or fibreglass, this system holds sway as a superior cover for building and it is a value purchase when compared to other systems on the market.
  • Tar and gravel built-up layered roofing systems have been longer than automobiles – the only difference is changes in materials that accompany this system today. The matte sheets are constructed with two extremely strong fibres – asphalt and fibreglass – and that is why this system still stands the test of time in the roofing industry. Too, the system is compatible with a sloped roof or flat roof and the economy provided by this system isn’t lost on any business owner who needs a new roof.


When you have our level of experience in the roofing industry – over 60-years – at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Aurora – you dominate your industry sector like nobody does. We brought the modern warranty to the market and when you buy a roof from our company a 10-year warranty will be part of the purchase package.

Aurora is one of the bedroom communities that serves as a feeder system for employers in the Greater Toronto Area, but recent developments in Aurora have grown the local economy. Diversity is the key for Aurora, and when one of the local businesses needs a new roof, we at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Aurora come to their rescue in their time of need.

We have many benefits waiting for the business owner when they enlist our services and it starts with a free estimate, a free inspection and a no-cost meeting when they call us at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Aurora today!