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AM Flat Roofing Solutions in AngusIf you are a sports fan, you tend to gravitate to games that offer a fan experience that hold many amenities to enjoy. When you operate a commercial or industrial venue, it comes down to the shopper experience that keeps your customers coming back. If your facility is poorly lit, has problems with the floor or stock isn’t on the shelves, your business will suffer and over time, close. One problem that can’t be ignored a faulty roofing system; water cascading in during a rainstorm will certainly repel customers, not to mention the damage to your inventory that a leaky roof will cause. When you are seeing problems inside your business that come from your roof, call AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Angus to stop the rain, or snow or sleet when it is coming through your roof. We are a reputable contractor that has many years of work under our tool belt and we take a look at three factors before we advise you to the best course of action for a new roof. The climate is the biggest factor, followed closely by the weather and then the building use is considered when making our opinion known.

AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Angus, stay alert and save

  • Tactically, you need to craft your roofing needs to meet the problems it will experience and some consideration is needed when you look at your area. Sun and heat will be a double whammy for your roof – UV rays that create heat island and in turn radiation – can take the wind out of your sails. For a building in a tight area with other buildings is what the TPO roofing solution as developed as a single-ply rubber covering for your business. Heat will cause many problems for inferior roofing system and the peeling that will occur is benign in the beginning but gets progressively worse if you don’t have the right cover. Take the lead to deflect the heat problem; this system can be manufactured in specific colours like white, grey or black to get out from under the intense glare of the sun’s rays.
  • A long-term bugaboo for a roofing system was longevity, a roof that couldn’t stand up for 30-years or more was virtually non-existent before the EPDM system was created over 50-years ago. Working with many different types of roofs like sloped or flat roofs is how this system became a positive contributor to the roofing industry. The duration of the system is directly tied to the material that is it is made from – synthetic rubber was chosen because it is tough and had a long lifespan for a roof. A business can morph to serve the interests of their customers, and when the building needs re-engineering to meet new demands this system can accept inserts like vents or skylights when you want to your business to evolve.
  • There will be times when you need to be cost-conscious when you need to repair your roof or replace it, the modified bitumen solution can be the best bang for the buck. This type of roof is a matte sheet in the built-up, layered class of roofing systems and it needs little to install or repair when the matte sheets are to be repaired. Keeping the cover tight on the roof is either polyester or fibreglass as the material that builds the matt sheets and it is a great solution to cover your facility.
  • The tar and gravel, built-up layered roof system is one that will work with a flat roof or a sloped roof and the matte sheets give it the reliability and durability to block the weather from making an impact on your building. Coming from asphalt and fibreglass keeps the matte sheets effective when you need a sturdy roof to compete against the weather or climate in your area.

When you look at our record of service in the roofing industry, we at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Angus have been prosecuting roof problems for over 60-years. Once the work has concluded, we have a 10-year warranty for workmanship that we will present before we leave you with your new roof.

Angus is home to Base Borden, a Canadian Armed Forces training facility that has prepared soldiers for their duties in service of the flag. It is a community that has a number of small businesses that cater to the military and when they need a roof, AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Angus will stand on guard for them.

Our terms of service come with a free estimate, a free inspection, and a no-cost meeting when you call our office at AM Flat Roofing Solutions in Angus today at 1-877-281-6900