Flat Roof Repair in Southampton 

Flat Roof Repair in SouthamptonFlat roofing systems have been used for centuries, as a way to optimise both interior and exterior space. Modern flat roofing systems can be installed using a variety of materials, each with their own unique pros and cons. While all flat roofs are designed to be as durable as possible, their exposure to the elements makes them prone to leaks. In order to reduce the amount of damage done, you must receive a quality flat roof repair in Southampton as soon as possible.

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have the qualifications necessary to ensure a flawless, and durable flat roof installation. Since 1956 we have been providing our customers with quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. As safety is one of our top priorities, we guarantee that our flat roof repair tradespeople possess the necessary WSIB coverage, and have been sufficiently trained and certified in proper fall prevention techniques. We provide competent flat roof repairs in Southampton, on a variety of flat roof substrates. Should an issue be discovered on your flat roof, leak or otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today! Any hesitation could lead to significant damage both to your flat roof, and the interior of your building.

We Provide Quality Flat Roof Repairs in Southampton, on the Following Flat Roofing Systems:

  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen
  • All Types of Metal
  • PVC
  • And More

There are many things that can cause a flat roof to leak, all equally damaging if left to fester for an extended amount of time. The best way to ensure that your flat roof is kept in optimal condition, is to provide it with the flat roof maintenance that it needs. Flat roof maintenance, including qualified flat roof repairs in Southampton, is the best and only way to extend the life of your flat roofing system.

Flat Roof Maintenance Can Include:

  • Snow and/or Ice Removal
  • Clearing of Debris from Rooftop and Around Drains
  • Replacing Lifted or Broken Flashings
  • Replacing Caulking Around Vents and drains
  • Other Small Preventative Flat Roof Repairs in Southampton

In addition to regular flat roof maintenance, your flat roof should be thoroughly inspected twice a year. This includes once in the spring, and once prior to the winter season. These competent inspections will ensure that your flat roof is able to make it through the inclement weather to come, without suffering a failure. Though consistent flat roof maintenance, and thorough inspections will absolutely reduce the amount of flat roof repairs in Southampton that are needed, emergency situations cannot always be avoided. And if you have neglected, unwittingly or otherwise, to provide this much needed maintenance, flat roof repairs in Southampton are likely.

4 Common Causes of Leaks on Flat Roofing Systems:

  • Age

The age of your flat roof, and the weather that it has had to endure, will determine the amount of flat roof repairs in Southampton that happen. Over time, deterioration of your flat roof membrane will occur. If your flat roof has been well maintained, the issues that you have to deal with should not be as great. Aging flat roofs do tend to be prone to leaks, and if not rectified quickly with a quality flat roof repair in Southampton, the damage caused could be extremely costly.

  • Drainage Issues

Unlike sloped roofs, water cannot simply run off of flat roofing systems without help. Your flat roof must have a sufficient amount of drains for its size, in order for them to function correctly. Your flat roof must also slope slightly, in a way that encourages water to flow towards the drains. As debris is also often an issue on flat roofs, every precaution must be taken to ensure that your drains do not become clogged. If water caused by heavy rains or snow melts, is unable to properly drain, the weight alone can cause serious structural failure on your flat roof. If your drainage system is not up to par, leaks will also become a prevalent issue, leading to the need for significant flat roof repair in Southampton.

  • Ponding Water

Hand in hand with insufficient drainage, ponding water occurs when heavy rains and snow melts are unable to drain, and instead build-up on your rooftop. Ponding water is defined as standing water that is unable to drain from your flat roof within 48hours of precipitation. Not only can this pooling water put extra strain on your flat roof, it can also encourage algae growth. When algae begins to develop on your flat roof, it can cause rapid degeneration of the membrane, and seams. Ponding water can also magnify the already damaging effects of UV Rays, and if not rectified quickly with a quality flat roof repair in Southampton, can lead to significant leaks, and interior water damage.

  • Poor Installation

Regardless of the quality of materials that you chose for your flat roofing system, if they were not installed with precision, leak issues are likely to develop. Considering the contents of your buildings interior, hiring a flat roofing contractor with minimal experience would be a mistake. If you have developed leaks on your flat roof, we recommend contacting the contractor who completed the job, to rectify the situation. Should this contractor be unable, or unwilling to fix their mistakes, be sure to contact a more reputable flat roofing company to provide you with a quality, and long lasting flat roof repair in Southampton.

By having a reputable, and established flat roofing contractor perform timely flat roof repairs in Southampton as needed, you can extend the lifespan of your flat roof. Combined with regular maintenance, you can optimise the effectiveness of your flat roofing system as well.

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If your flat roof has sprung a leak, and you are in need of a fast and efficient flat roof repair in Southampton, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away! Your timely response to these issues will help to reduce the amount of damage cause, and maintain the integrity of your flat roofing system.