Flat Roof Repair in Schomberg 

Flat Roof Repair Schomberg OntarioFlat roofing systems have many advantages, making them a wise choice for use on commercial, and industrial buildings. They are easy to maintain and inspect, provide easier access for flat roof repairs in Schomberg, and significantly increase useable space, both interior and exterior. The amount of maintenance that you provide your flat roof, will determine its level of continued effectiveness. Emergency situations can arise however, and flat roof repairs in Schomberg will be needed at some point over its lifespan. The only way to ensure a reliable flat roof repair in Schomberg, is to hire an expert.

At AM Flat Roofing Solutions, we have decades of experience providing quality flat roof repairs in Schomberg. We strive to be the best in all things flat roofing, including providing the best possible workmanship, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction on every job. We possess all necessary insurances including WSIB and Liability Insurance. Our flat roof repair solutions experts also receive the required training in the mandatory Working at Heights course. In operation since 1956, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge and experience, giving us the ability to safely repair a number of flat roofing systems, with precision. Neglecting your flat roofing system can only lead to more costly problems, put an end to your flat roof issues with a quality flat roof repair in Schomberg. Contact AM Flat Roofing Solutions for a complimentary consultation with one of our flat roof repair solutions specialists.

We Can Repair All of the Following Flat Roofing Systems:

  • Metal
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • Modified Bitumen

Regardless of the type of flat roofing system currently in place, it will require regular maintenance to remain in functional condition. This maintenance should be provided by a reputable source and be in addition to timely flat roof repairs in Schomberg. Any maintenance will be dependant on the climate in which your building is situated, as well as its size, shape and current substrate. Your flat roof should also be inspected thoroughly, twice per year.

Neglecting the issues on your flat roof can only lead to further problems, some of which may be costly to repair. Emergency situation or otherwise, allowing even the smallest leak to continue without proper flat roof repairs in Schomberg can cost you more than you bargained for.

Common Causes of leaks:

  • Drainage and Ponding

Ponding water is often a result of an ineffective drainage system on the flat roof. While flat roofs will retain some amount of moisture, large areas of ponding water can be detrimental to the health of your flat roofing system. As flat roofing systems are unable to drain naturally, they rely on their drainage system to keep as clear of precipitation as possible. Without this system in working order, your flat roofing system will begin to accumulate rain water, snow, and ice, without any reliable way to clear them. This build-up of precipitation can put a great deal of strain on your flat roof, making leaks and sags likely to develop, and can cause a cave in if left without a fast and efficient flat roof repair in Schomberg. Don’t take chances with the health of your flat roof, if you suspect that there may be an issue with your drainage system resulting in ponding water, you will need a quality flat roof repair in Schomberg. Contact AM Flat Roofing Solutions right away, we will help you keep your flat roof in great condition.

  • Faulty Installation

Whether skylights, substrates, or flashings, everything flat roof related needs to be installed properly in order to function as expected. When installed incorrectly, some flat roofing materials will be unable to seal, leading to separation and leaks. skylights are also tricky, and require experience and precision to ensure a snug fit, and leak free installation. This is why it is so important to hire a contractor with a sufficient amount of experience in the flat roofing industry. Generally, any contractor with a minimum of 15 years worth of experience should be considered over a less established flat roofing contractor. Small inexperienced flat roofing companies will usually not survive for that long, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best. If your flat roof has begun to leak, and your previous contractor is now MIA, contact AM Flat Roofing Solutions for a qualified flat roof repair in Schomberg.

  • Age

While regular maintenance should reduce the amount of leaks that you experience, it cannot prevent everything. Older flat roofing systems tend to be more prone to leaks, due to the weakening of materials. After years of exposure to the elements, the materials used to complete your flat roofing system can begin to degrade and separate, leading to leaks. If your aging flat roof has begun to leak consistently, there are a plethora of solutions for reliable flat roof repairs in Schomberg. Before you decide to undertake the lengthy and costly project that is flat roof replacement, research your options for flat roof repairs in Schomberg. At AM Flat Roofing Solutions, we possess unique and highly effective flat roof repair materials that could ass years to the life of your flat roofing system. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced flat roof repair solutions experts.

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If you require an immediate flat roof repair in Schomberg, contact the specialists at AM Flat Roofing Solutions today!