Flat Roof Repair in Saugeen Shores

Flat Roof Repair in Saugeen ShoresFlat roofs offer many advantages for commercial buildings. They are far less expensive to install, when compared to sloped roofs of a similar size, and they are often easier to service and repair. Flat roofing systems allows for easier placement of HVAC units, and optimise interior space. That being said, these roofing systems can be prone to damage, and that may result in a flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, our highly skilled flat roof repair specialists have the experience and training necessary to quickly and efficiently rectify your flat roof issues. We are able to perform competent flat roof repairs in Saugeen Shores, regardless of the current flat roofing system. Having been in business for more than 60years, our dedication to our customers is unmatched, and our commitment to quality workmanship is second to none. Our flat roofing tradespeople are fully insured, and possess all required certifications, including WSIB and Fall Prevention certificates. If you are currently experiencing leaks, or other deficiencies on your flat roof, do not hesitate to contact us at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal. We will complete a complimentary inspection and consultation, and provide a knowledgeable and cost-effective solution for your flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores.

Although flat roofs are incredibly durable by design, they are not without their unique issues. There are a few common issues that tend to plague flat roof owners, and almost all of them will lead to leakage problems. They are as follows:

Poor Drainage

Poor, or improperly placed drainage may be the most common cause of flat roof leaks. This is because heavy rains, and snow melts, collect much easier on a flat roof, then they will on a roof with a slope. If your current drainage system is not doing the job, it is imperative that you receive a quality flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores. If your drainage problems have been ongoing for a significant amount of time, chances are you already have extensive damage to your flat roof membrane. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal immediately for a complimentary, and thorough flat roof inspection.

Ponding Water

Ponding water is defined as water that has not drained sufficiently within 48 hours after precipitation stops. This issue is often a by product of insufficient draining, or an improperly constructed flat roof. Ponding water can exacerbate the development of algae, and can magnify the damaging effects of UV Rays, leading to rapid deterioration of your flat roof membrane.  Ponding water can cause a significant number of issues including, a sagging roof, roof leaks, or a complete structural collapse should the problem not be addressed quickly. Should you notice any of the above issues, we highly recommend that you contact us right away for a quality flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores.

Flashing or Membrane Issues

In order to prevent significant deterioration of your flat roof membrane, you must provide regular flat roof maintenance. This preventative maintenance will help to catch any issues, before they can become significant. If your flat roof was not skillfully installed, or you have neglected this important maintenance, there is a decent chance that your flat roof membrane, or flashings, have been compromised. Timely flat roof repairs in Saugeen Shores, as well as regular maintenance, will help to extend the life of your flat roof, and reduce the cost of large scale flat roof repairs in Saugeen Shores.

Age of the Flat Roof

Regardless of the materials used, or the quality of installation, eventually your flat roof will begin to show its age. Leaks tend to be more prevalent on aged flat roofing systems, as well. How quickly your commercial flat roof degrades, will be entirely dependant on the climate its exposed to, and the amount of maintenance it has been provided. By having a quality flat roofing contractor, like AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, perform quick and competent flat roof repairs in Saugeen Shores, you will help extend the lifespan of your roofing system and reduce the amount of repairs needed down the road.

The quality of the flat roofing contractor that you hire to perform your flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores, will determine the quality of the repair itself. Flat roofs are complex systems that require experience and training in order to handle properly. In order to find the leak, or issue, a flat roofing specialist must first know what to look for. Unlike sloped roofing systems, the leak can begin in one area, yet affect another entirely, as the water can flow beneath the membrane undetected. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have the sufficient experience to find, and repair issues on a number of different flat roofing materials.

These Include:

  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Metal roofing systems
  • PVC flat roofing systems
  • And BUC, or ‘built-up’ flat roof systems

Though there are many instructional videos available online, for DIY flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores, the only way to ensure that the repair is correctly done and long lasting, is to hire an expert. Protect your business, income, and merchandise, by having a flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores as soon as possible after an issue is spotted.

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If you have concerns regarding the condition of your flat roofing system, or are currently experiencing leaking issues, it is imperative that you hire a quality flat roofing contractor right away. Call AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today for a complimentary flat roof inspection, consultation, and quality flat roof repair in Saugeen Shores.