Flat Roof Repair in Rockwood

Flat roofing systems have been used for a very long time. The convenience and additional space provided by their use are very beneficial for use on commercial buildings. In industrial areas, where buildings tend to be more compact, flat roofs allow for easy placement, and maintenance of HVAC systems, and other necessary equipment. Flat roofs can, however, be prone to leaks and will likely require a quality flat roof repair in Rockwood at some point in its lifespan. The amount of flat roof maintenance completed will determine the amount and severity of these flat roof repairs in Rockwood. In order to ensure that the quality of installation that you receive, is what was expected, you should hire a flat roofing contractor with a sufficient amount of flat roofing experience. Generally, 15 years should be sufficient enough to ensure a skilled, and knowledgeable flat roof installation, or flat roof repair in Rockwood.


Flat Roof Repair in Rockwood

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have over 60years of competent flat roof repair experience. Our flat roof repair tradespeople are kept up to date, with the latest flat roof repair techniques and materials. Our cost-effective solutions to flat roof repair in Rockwood, have made us a household name and has bolstered our reputation as a leader in the flat roofing industry. AT AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, job safety is number one. This is why we ensure that our flat roof repair specialists are thoroughly trained, and certified in the necessary fall prevention procedures. Our tradespeople are also kept up to date, with the proper WSIB coverage. Due to our longevity in the industry, and our ability to adapt to changes in materials and techniques, we are able to confidently, and effectively repair a variety of flat roofing systems.

These Include:

  1. All types of Metal
  2. TPO
  3. EPDM
  4. PVC
  5. Modified Bitumen
  6. And more

Common Flat Roofing Issues:

Faulty Installation

If your flat roofing system was not installed with the proper precision, issues are likely to follow. It is very important to choose a contractor who has sufficient experience and works exclusively with flat roofing systems. If you choose to overlook a lack of experience, to compensate for a lower cost, you may quickly find that this is a mistake. Regardless of the type of materials that you have installed, if they are not applied correctly your manufacturers warranty may be voided. This will leave you to incur the full cost to replace or repair your flat roof, in the event of damage. If you are experiencing issues as a result of a faulty installation or flat roof repair in Rockwood, and can no longer rely on your initial contractor, contact the flat roof repair specialists at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today.

Drainage Problems

In order to keep your flat roofing system in the best possible condition, you must have a sufficient drainage system. This drainage system must be sufficient for the size of your flat roof, and for the climate in which your building is situated. As drainage issues are one of the most common causes of leaks on flat roofs, it is imperative that it is kept in proper working order at all times. Your drainage problems could stem from a number of issues, and each will need a fast and efficient flat roof repair in Rockwood, before the problem can get out of hand. As flat roofs are often plagued with debris from surrounding trees, and other refuse, clogged drains are quite common. Should you receive regular flat roof maintenance, this issue should be rectified before any significant damage can be caused. If ponding water is a consistent issue on your flat roof, drainage is the likely culprit. Don’t delay in receiving a quality flat roof repair in Rockwood, after an issue has been spotted, contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today.

Ponding Water

Ponding is referred to as an area, or areas, of water on your flat roof that cannot drain efficiently within 48 hours of initial precipitation. Not only can this standing water lead to the development of algae on your rooftop, it may also magnify the damaging effects of UV Rays. As one of the leading causes of leaks on flat roofing systems, it is integral to the health and stability of your flat roofing system, that this issue be rectified quickly, with a competent flat roof repair in Rockwood.

The only way to ensure that your flat roofing system can continue to provide the necessary protection that you need, is by ensuring that it receives the regular flat roof maintenance that it requires. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we specialise in experienced flat roof maintenance, and flat roof repairs in Rockwood. We provide individualised solutions to flat roof maintenance, for your unique flat roofing system. Not only does this regular flat roof maintenance help to add years to the expected lifespan of your flat roofing system, it will also ensure that your flat roof is in the best condition possible to withstand the worst of mother nature.


Our Maintenance Plans May Include:

  • Snow removal
  • Clearing drain clogs
  • Removal of debris from rooftop
  • Replacing caulking around vents, HVAC systems, and drains
  • Replacing, or resealing lifted flashings
  • And much more


The town of Rockwood is located within the township of Guelph/Eramosa. Rockwood is home to the Rockwood Conservation area, a popular hiking spot for nature lovers, teeming with wildlife. Downtown Rockwood boasts a plethora of local businesses, and charming buildings. Just a short drive from Guelph, Rockwood has all the charm of a small town, without losing any of the conveniences of a big city.

Don’t allow leaks, or other flat roofing issues to get the best of you. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today, for a quality flat roof repair in Rockwood. We offer free consultations, to help to understand the best solution to your flat roof issues.