Flat Roof Repair in Penetanguishene 

Flat Roof Repair Penetanguishene OntarioSince 1956, the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, have been committed to providing excellent customer service, and the highest quality of workmanship. Our decades of experience, has allowed us the ability to perform quality flat roof repairs in Penetanguishene, on a number of flat roofing systems. Every flat roof repair specialist that we employ has years of experience and is provided with up to date training on the latest techniques and materials associated with flat roof repair in Penetanguishene. Safety is very important to us, and as such we ensure that every tradesperson that we employ possesses the necessary WSIB coverage. Our flat roof repair specialists are also thoroughly trained and certified in the proper fall prevention procedures. We offer valuable workmanship warranties on every flat roof repair in Penetanguishene that we complete, and we also possess the necessary liability insurance. From initial consultation to project completion and beyond, the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal has you covered. If your flat roof has sprung a leak, or is experiencing a situation that requires an emergency flat roof repair in Penetanguishene, don’t hesitate to contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away!

Regular flat roof maintenance is as important to the health of your flat roofing system, as timely flat roof repairs in Penetanguishene. Not only will flat roof maintenance extend the life expectancy of your flat roof, is will also help to reduce the frequency of leaks and flat roof repairs in Penetanguishene. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we design our flat roof maintenance plans around the individual needs of your unique flat roofing system.

Our Regular Maintenance May Include

  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Clearing debris from within drains, and from rooftop
  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Penetanguishene
  • Replacing damaged flashings
  • Replacing caulking around drains, and vents
  • And more

Receiving quality and thorough inspections, provided by a reputable source, will also help to ensure that minimal large-scale damage can occur. These inspections should take place sometime in the spring and fall, to ensure that your flat roof has survived the previous season and will withstand the following seasons as well. any issues found should be taken care of quickly with an effective flat roof repair in Penetanguishene.

Common Causes of Leaks

  • Age

As flat roofing systems are constantly exposed to the worst of mother nature, with no natural way to drain precipitation, they are known to weaken over time. Age is a huge factor in the amount of leaks that are experienced, though the frequency of these leaks may be reduced with regular flat roof maintenance. It is integral to the health of your flat roof, that you receive quality flat roof repairs in Penetanguishene immediately upon discovering an issue with your aging flat roof. And while many contractors may recommend a full flat roof replacement, we recommend researching your options prior to signing on for such a large and costly project. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we possess highly effective and unique materials for long-lasting flat roof repairs in Penetanguishene, even on the oldest of flat roofing systems.

  • Drainage

Drainage issues are one of the most common causes of leaks on flat roofing systems. As flat roofs do not have a way for precipitation to drain naturally, they rely on functioning drainage systems to keep them clear. Debris can become an issue on flat roofs and may cause blockages in the drains, preventing them from working as needed. Regular maintenance should reduce the recurrence of this issue. It is also important to ensure that your flat roof is designed in a way that allows for rain water and melted snow, to flow in the direction of the drains, to prevent ponding. If this is not the case with your current flat roofing system, you may need to install a slight slope to help the water along. If water is allowed to sit on your flat roof for long periods of time, degradation of your flat roof is likely, and leaks are almost guaranteed. If your drainage system is not functioning correctly, or you are experiencing leaks, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal for a quality flat roof repair in Penetanguishene.

  • Ponding Water

Ponding water is an issue that occurs when precipitation is unable to drain from the flat roof, within 48 hours of precipitation. This is a problem that is often associated with drainage issues, and one that can cause significant damage if not rectified quickly. Areas of stagnant water provide the perfect conditions for algae development and may also increase the damaging effects of UV Rays. Both of these issues can cause rapid membrane deterioration, which will likely lead to leaks. The weight associated with this standing water and snow, can cause your roof to sag, compromising its integrity and possibly leading to serious and costly issues. If you suspect an issue with ponding water on your flat roof, have developed leaks or have noticed any areas of sagging, it is integral that you receive a quality flat roof repair in Penetanguishene immediately.

To ensure that you receive the quality flat roof repair that you need, it is important to hire a contractor with sufficient experience within the flat roofing industry. A minimum of 15 years worth of experience is recommended for best results. Your flat roofing system is one of the most important parts of your building, and it must receive the best possible care to remain effective.

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Any deficiencies on your flat roof must be taken care of as soon as possible, with a quality flat roof repair in Penetanguishene. For a complimentary consultation and quote, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet