Flat Roof Repair in Listowel

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality flat roof repairs in Listowel. Our flat roof repair specialists are highly skilled and thoroughly trained in the proper flat roof repair techniques. We take the safety of our flat roof repair specialists very seriously, and we ensure that they possess the necessary WSIB coverage. Our tradespeople are also trained, and certified in all fall prevention techniques, and equipment. Since our inception in 1956, we have amassed a great deal of knowledge in all things flat roofing. As such, we can confidently, and effectively perform quality flat roof repairs in Listowel, on a number of flat roofing systems. We offer highly valuable workmanship warranties on all flat roof repairs in Listowel, that we complete. When a leak is discovered, in relation to your flat roofing system, it is best not to delay in rectifying the situation. Ensure that a quality flat roof repair in Listowel is performed as soon as possible, to avoid unnecessary damage. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today, for a fast and efficient flat roof repair in Listowel.


Flat Roof Repair in ListowelThere are many things that can cause leaks to develop on your flat roofing system, and they may all be avoided by ensuring that your flat roof is receiving consistent flat roof maintenance. This maintenance includes quality flat roof repairs in Listowel and can also extend the life of your flat roofing system. AT AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we offer regular flat roof maintenance plans, designed specifically for your unique flat roofing system.

Regular Maintenance May Include:

  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Clearing debris from within the drains, and on the rooftop
  • Small flat roof repairs in Listowel
  • Replacement of deficient flashings
  • Replacing caulking around drains, vents, and HVAC systems
  • And more


Your flat roof should also be inspected, by a professional, twice a year. These inspections will be most beneficial in the springtime, and late fall. If inspected thoroughly and correctly, any issues should be discovered and rectified prior to the inclement weather to come. This will reduce the chances of large-scale flat roof repairs in Listowel.

Common Flat Roof Issues:


Due to the design of flat roofing systems, the elements can really take their toll over time. As your flat roof ages, this constant exposure can cause the flat roof membrane to weaken, and leaks can occur more frequently. If you have been receiving regular maintenance, your likelihood of experiencing serious issues will be reduced. If you have chosen to neglect this maintenance, your aging flat roof will likely cause you quite a few headaches. Before you choose to replace the entire flat roofing system, enquire about whether or not there are effective options for flat roof repair in Listowel.


Your flat roof should have been designed in a way that allows for the proper draining of water. As water does not naturally drain from a flat roof, as it does a sloped roof, your flat roofing system should have built to accommodate this drainage. If this is not the case, you will likely experience issues with ponding water. Flat roof drains can also become clogged with debris from trees, and other garbage, and while this is a fairly simple fix, if left without a quality flat roof repair in Listowel, leaks are likely to occur. Whether a simple repair will do, or a more complex solution is needed, AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal can help.

Ponding Water

The term ponding water refers to an area of water on your flat roof, that cannot sufficiently drain, within 48 hours of initial precipitation. Often associated with insufficient drainage, ponding water can lead to the development of many issues, including leaks. Algae growth is a commonly occurring problem that is caused by ponding water, and it can lead to the rapid deterioration of your flat roof membrane, if not repaired quickly. As these pools of water can also magnify UV Rays, speeding up deterioration further, a timely flat roof repair in Listowel should not be neglected.


If your building is situated in a populous area or is surrounded by trees, you will likely have an issue with debris coming to rest on your flat roofing system. Not only can this debris clog drains, it can also puncture your flat roof membrane, leading to serious leaks. Hiring a flat roofing contractor, to carry out a quality flat roofing maintenance plan is the only way to reduce the likelihood of significant damage caused by stray debris.

In order to ensure that your flat roof repair in Listowel is effective, you must hire a flat roofing contractor with sufficient experience. As a general rule, it is best to hire a flat roofing contractor that possesses more than 15 years worth of experience. It is also important to ask for and check references, to ensure that you will receive the quality workmanship that you have been promised. This will also help to ensure that any workmanship warranties that you receive, will be honored even years down the road, should they be needed. It is also of great importance that you hire a contractor who works specifically with flat roofing systems. While sloped roofing contractors may be well versed in their trade, the intricacies involved with flat roof repairs in Listowel, require experience and precision.


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If your flat roof has developed a leak, large or small, it is imperative that you receive a quality flat roof repair in Listowel, as soon as possible. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away, for a complimentary consultation and quote.