Flat Roof Repair in Leith

The use of flat roofs has been around for hundreds of years, though materials used for flat roof repair in Leith, have certainly improved since then. By installing a flat roof on your commercial or residential building, you help to increase the amount of useable space within, while also adding usable space on the roof itself. Many building owners use their flat roof for the placement of large HVAC systems, and some use this space for leisure. Whatever you use your flat roof for, it provides much easier access for repair and maintenance needs than a sloped roofing system. The benefits of a flat roofing system are many, though that is not to say that they are without their issues. With little to no protection from the worst of mother nature, leaks can become a prevalent problem. The best way to reduce the number of leaks that your flat roof experiences is to provide it with regular maintenance, and timely flat roof repairs in Leith. To ensure that the maintenance and repair services that you receive are of the highest quality, you must hire an established flat roofing contractor.

Flat Roof Repair in Leith

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality flat roof repairs in Leith. Established in 1956, at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal we have compiled a long resume of premium workmanship over the years. Our flat roof repair knowledge is vast, and we provide our flat roof repair tradespeople with up to date training, in the latest techniques and materials used for flat roof repairs in Leith. Every flat roof repair specialist that we employ is sufficiently trained and certified in proper fall prevention techniques, they are also fully insured with the proper WSIB coverage. When it comes to your flat roof leave nothing to chance, hire only the best for your flat roof repair in Leith, contact AM flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today!

4 Most Common Flat Roof Issues:


As your flat roof begins to age, leaks will become more prevalent. If you have been receiving regular maintenance over the lifetime of your flat roof, it will probably be in much better shape than most. If you have not been providing your flat roof with this consistent maintenance, you will be far more likely to experience leaks, and be in need of a quality flat roof repair in Leith. By ensuring that your flat roof is well maintained, this includes performing small flat roof repairs in Leith, you can significantly lengthen its lifespan, and reduce the number of issues you experience.

Poor Drainage

Ill functioning drainage systems are the leading cause of flat roof leaks. Debris from surrounding trees and other refuse can become lodged in your drains, preventing any water from clearing sufficiently. If your flat roof was not constructed in a way that allows for water to travel in the direction of the drains, you will likely experience an issue with ponding water as well. Any instance of pooling water can wreak havoc on your flat roof membrane, leading to leaks and significant damage. If your flat roof is regularly ponding water, a flat roof repair in Leith is likely.

Ponding water

Ponding water, is water caused by heavy rains or snow melts, that pools on your flat roof, and is unable to clear sufficiently within 48hours of precipitation. As this water sits on your flat roof, it promotes the growth of algae and can cause serious deterioration of your flat roof membrane. As your flat roof will have a limit to how much weight it can bear, the weight of extra water or snow can cause the structural integrity to be compromised. Not only will this cause significant damage to your buildings interior, it can also result it serious personal injury. If you think that you may have a continued issue with ponding water, we recommend receiving a quality flat roof repair in Leith, right away.

Poor Initial Installation

It doesn’t matter what quality of materials you’ve used for your flat roof installation if they were not installed correctly, their effectiveness will be greatly reduced. Poor application of the flat roof material can lead to the separation of seams and joints, and the lifting of flashings among many other issues. All of which can significantly reduce the effectiveness, and integrity of your entire flat roofing system. If you begin to experience issues with your newly installed flat roof, be sure to contact the contractor who completed the job to receive a flat roof repair in Leith. Should this contractor no longer be available, as happens often in this business, hire an established and reputable flat roofing contractor to repair any issues before serious damage can occur.

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we are able to provide competent flat roof repairs in Leith, on a number of flat roofing systems. Our decades of experience and our willingness to learn has allowed us to amass significant knowledge in flat roof repairs in Leith.

We Can Repair Issues on The Following Flat Roof Systems:

  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen
  • All Metal flat roofing systems
  • PVC
  • BUR flat roofing systems

Regardless of the issues that you may be experiencing, or the material that is currently in place, in order to get the most out of your flat roof repair in Leith, you must hire a knowledgeable and reputable flat roofing contractor. And to reduce the amount of flat roof leaks, or other issues with your flat roof, regular flat roof maintenance is key.

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To keep your flat roof in optimal condition, you must rectify any flat roof issues as soon as possible, after they have been discovered. For a complimentary consultation and quote, and for all of your emergency flat roof repairs in Leith, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today!