Flat Roof Repair in Fergus

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of flat roof repairs in Fergus, for over 60 years. Our dedication to quality workmanship and customer service is unmatched in the flat roofing industry. Our vast knowledge and experience allow us to perform skilled flat roof repairs in Fergus, on a number of flat roofing substrates. As an established flat roofing contractor, we take the safety of our tradespeople and customers very seriously. Our flat roof repair specialists possess the necessary WSIB coverage and are sufficiently trained in the proper fall prevention procedures, and equipment. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we offer valuable workmanship warranties on every flat roof repair in Fergus, that we complete. We are proud to offer unique solutions for any flat roof repair in Fergus.

Flat Roof Repair in Fergus

We Offer Quality Flat Roof Repairs on the Following Flat Roofing Systems:

  1. EPDM
  2. All types of Metal
  3. TPO
  4. Modified Bitumen
  5. And more

The most common issue that plagues flat roofing system, is leaks. Even a small leak, if left to fester, can cause significant problems with both your flat roof and the interior of your building. Though leaks may become noticeable in one area, it is likely that it started in another. This is why it is vital to hire an experienced and established flat roofing contractor immediately upon discovery of a possible leak. The faster you receive a quality flat roof repair in Fergus, the less the chances for serious damage.


4 Common Flat Roof Issues:


The age of your flat roof, and how well it has been maintained, will determine how often it leaks. As your flat roofing system ages, the material in which it was composed will begin to weaken. Seams may separate, and flashings can begin to show signs of deterioration. These issues will lead to necessary flat roof repairs in Fergus. As advancements in flat roof repair materials have been developed in recent years, before you decide on a complete flat roof replacement, inquire about effective flat roof repairs in Fergus.


In order to prevent the damaging effects of ponding water, and leaks, you must ensure that your flat roof is equipped with a sufficient drainage system. There should be a proper number of drains, as per the size of your flat roof, and care must be taken to ensure that these drains do not become clogged. If you have a quality flat roof maintenance plan, recurring clogs shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. If rainwater, or snow melts, are having trouble draining sufficiently from your flat roof, you likely have a drainage issue and should call for a quality flat roof repair in Fergus right away. On occasion, the original construction of your flat roof will be to blame, and a slight slope may need to be installed on your flat roof, to ensure that this water is able to flow in the proper direction.

Ponding Water

Ponding water is a very common issue on flat roofing systems, especially large flat roofs. Any area of water that does not drain sufficiently within 48 hours of precipitation, is referred to as ponding water. Not only can this issue encourage algae growth on your rooftop, it may also magnify the damaging effects of UV Rays. Both of these problems can lead to the rapid deterioration of your flat roof membrane, leading to leaks, and other costly issues. It is important, for the health of your flat roof, that you do not allow ponding water to continue without a competent flat roof repair in Fergus.

Faulty Installation

If you did not receive a quality flat roof replacement, from an established flat roofing contractor, you will likely experience issues at some point. For flat roof replacement or flat roof repairs in Fergus, it is beneficial to hire a flat roofing contractor with an excess of 15 years worth of experience. Choosing cost, over quality will prove detrimental in the long run, and the integrity of your flat roof is not something to play around with. Regardless of whether or not you’ve chosen premium material, if they have not been installed with precision, leaks are likely to develop.

In addition to timely flat roof repairs in Fergus, regular flat roof maintenance is integral to the health of your flat roofing system. AT AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we offer unique, and individualized flat roof maintenance solutions, for all types of flat roofing systems. Not only will this maintenance reduce the amount of large-scale flat roof repairs in Fergus that are needed, it can also extend the lifespan of your flat roof by many years.

This Maintenance May Include:

  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Fergus
  • Removal of snow or ice accumulation
  • Clearing of debris from the rooftop, and in and around drains
  • Replacing caulking around vents, drains, and HVAC systems
  • And more

It is also recommended that you hire an experienced flat roofing contractor to perform a thorough inspection of your flat roof, twice a year. These inspections should take place both prior to and following the winter months. If done properly, any small issues should be rectified prior to the upcoming inclement weather seasons.


Situated within the town of Centre Wellington, is the community of Fergus Ontario. Located on the banks of the Grand River, Fergus is most populous community within the Centre Wellington, and is well known for its many popular fairs and festivals. This includes the Scottish Festival and Highland Games. This particular festival draws in visitors from all over Ontario, and beyond, every year. Fergus is also home to historic, and picturesque architecture. Regardless of the reason behind your visit, Fergus Ontario will not disappoint.

Should you discover a leak, or other deficiency on your flat roofing system, do not delay in reciving a quality flat roof repair in Fergus. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away, for a cost-effective, and efficient flat roof repair in Fergus.