Flat Roof Repair in Flesherton 

Flat Roof Repair in FleshertonThough highly beneficial for use on commercial buildings, flat roofs will leak at some point over their lifespan, this is just a fact of life. And when this happens, it is very important to receive a quality flat roof repair in Flesherton, as soon as possible.

At Am Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have the experience necessary to perform quality flat roof repairs, on a variety of flat roofing systems. Our skilled flat roof repair tradespeople are thoroughly trained in the latest flat roof repair techniques, and materials. Since 1956, we have been providing our customers with the highest quality flat roof repairs in Flesherton. Our reputation for top-notch workmanship, and customer service often proceeds us. With safety being one of our top priorities, we ensure that every flat roof repair specialist has proper WSIB coverage, and has been thoroughly certified in the necessary fall prevention procedures, and equipment.

In order to prevent constant flat roof repairs in Flesherton, you must provide your flat roof with the maintenance that it deserves. By hiring a reputable company to perform regular flat roof maintenance, you can reduce the likelihood of significant damage, caused by leaks. On top of this maintenance, it is also recommended that every flat roof owner receives a thorough flat roof inspection twice a year. With one inspection performed in the spring, and one in the late fall. These inspections help to ensure that your flat roof is in optimal condition to survive the seasons to come. When combined with consistent flat roof maintenance, and timely flat roof repairs in Flesherton, this service can help to extend the life of your flat roofing system.

This Flat Roof Maintenance Can Include:

  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Flesherton
  • Snow/Ice removal
  • Clearing debris from drains
  • Removing debris from roof top
  • Caulking around vents, chimneys, and drains
  • Replacing or repairing lifted or broken flashings
  • And much more

Leaks are very common on flat roofing systems, this is due to the constant exposure to the elements, as well as the lack of slope. Leaks, if left without competent repair, can become significant very quickly. Damaged merchandise, equipment, and injury to employees or customers are all risks should you neglect the proper care of your flat roofing system.

4 Common Causes of Flat Roof Leaks:

  • Faulty Installation

In order to ensure that your flat roof will be installed correctly, we recommend hiring a contractor who possesses over 15years of experience. Regardless of the materials used, if your flat roof was not installed correctly you will likely experience frequent issues with leaks. In addition to installing quality materials, you should also hire a quality flat roofing contractor. There are many contractors out there who do not possess the experience required to perform the competent flat roof replacements that they advertise, and unfortunately, the customer will be the one to pay the price. Protect your building, and its contents, hire a reputable flat roofing contractor for your flat roof replacement, and flat roof repair in Flesherton.

  • Ponding Water

Ponding water is defined as an area of water that does not drain properly, within 48hours of heavy rains. Not only can ponding produce algae, it can also increase the damaging effects of UV Rays. Deterioration of your flat roof membrane is likely, and leaks are almost guaranteed if a quality flat roof repair in Flesherton is not completed quickly. Standing, or ponding, water is often the result of insufficient drainage on the flat roof, and the issues that this can cause are significant. Ponding water is one of the leading causes of leaks on flat roofing systems. Flat roofs do have maximum weight requirements, and the addition of water or snow build up can result in structural damage. Don’t take risks with your flat roofing system, hire a reputable flat roofing contractor to perform the necessary flat roof repairs in Flesherton.

  • Drainage Issues

Issues with the drainage system on your flat roof, can lead to ponding water, and significant leaks. Whether a result of the original construction of your flat roof structure, or the result of an insufficient amount of drains for your size of flat roof, drainage issues are not to be taken likely. If your flat roof is not sloped in a way that encourages water flow towards the drains, an established roofing contractor should be able to build it up enough to rectify the problem. If your flat roof is plagued by debris, causing clogs in your drains, regular flat roof maintenance should be considered. This maintenance, which will include small preventative flat roof repairs in Flesherton, should reduce the likelihood of leak development.

  • Age

As the materials on your flat roofing system begin to age, leaks may become prevalent. While many flat roofing contractors will recommend a full replacement, we recommend a second opinion. The techniques and materials used for flat roof repairs in Flesherton, have become much more efficient as of late, and before you incur the cost of such a large project, research your options. That being said, these flat roof repairs in Flesherton must be completed as soon as possible to reduce the chance of serious damage. Flat roof maintenance should be considered from initial application, to help extend the life of your flat roofing system, and reduce flat roof repairs in Flesherton caused by the aging process.

The key to an effective flat roof repair in Flesherton, is hiring an established flat roofing contractor like AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal. The key to extending the lifespan of your flat roof, is to provide it with the necessary flat roof maintenance, and timely flat roof repairs in Flesherton.

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If your flat roof has begun to leak, you must take care of the problem immediately. For a complimentary consultation, and quote, contact the experts in flat roof repair in Flesherton, call AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today