Flat Roof Repair in Fingal

Flat Roof Repair in FingalAt Am Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we specialise in flat roof repair in Fingal. We have been helping our customers protect their buildings and flat roofs for over six decades through the skilled installation of permanent and temporary flat roof repairs in Fingal. We provide our skilled commercial and industrial flat roofers with the most up to date training in the use of the latest materials and techniques associated with quality flat roof repairs in Fingal. Though customer satisfaction and top-notch workmanship are our top priorities, we also take safety very seriously. All of our flat roof repair tradespeople are kept in good standing with the WSIB and have the necessary Working at Heights training and certifications. Flat roofs leak, this is simply a fact of life, but with proper maintenance and effective flat roof repairs in Fingal, we can help reduce the significance and frequency of these leaks. Should you discover an issue with your flat roofing system, including leaks or sags, contact us right away for a complimentary consultation and quote.

The only way to prevent consistent leaks, and flat roof repairs in Fingal, you must provide your flat roof with the regular maintenance that it requires. Hiring an established and reputable flat roofing contractor to perform timely flat roof repairs in Fingal, along with regular maintenance, you can help to reduce the damage caused by leaks and other deficiencies. Regular maintenance, performed by a reputable contractor, can also add years to the life of your flat roofing system. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we offer unique flat roof maintenance plans, specifically designed to provide the best care for your individual flat roofing system.

This Flat Roof Maintenance Can Include:

  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Fingal
  • Snow/Ice removal
  • Clearing debris from drains
  • Removing debris from roof top
  • Caulking around vents, chimneys, and drains
  • Replacing or repairing lifted or broken flashings
  • And much more

To prevent damage caused by inclement weather, it is also recommended that your flat roof receives thorough and qualified inspections at least twice a year. for best results, these inspections should take place both prior to and after the winter season.

Leaks are the most prevalent issue plaguing flat roof owners, and a great deal of damage can be caused to both the interior and exterior of a building if the issue is left without a quality flat roof repair in Fingal.

4 Common Causes of Flat Roof Leaks:

  • Faulty Installation

To ensure the highest quality of installation, or flat roof repair in Fingal, we recommend hiring a contractor with a minimum of 15 years worth of flat roofing experience. By doing this, you can reduce the risks associated with faulty or inexperienced workmanship. A large number of our customers come to us after receiving an installation, or flat roof repair in Fingal, and having it fail quickly. If you are currently experiencing leaks, or other deficiencies on your flat roof after having work done, we recommend contacting the original contractor first. If said contractor is unwilling, or unable to rectify the issue AM Flat Roofing & Sheet metal would be happy to help. Don’t allow small issues to become significant, contact us today for a complimentary flat roof consultation and quote.

  • Ponding Water

Ponding water often goes hand in hand with drainage issues, though this problem can also develop due to sags in your roof. Ponding is any area of water on your flat roof that cannot clear sufficiently within 48 hours of precipitation, and the issues that it can cause can become severe. Not only can this issue result in algae growth on your rooftop, it can also increase the damaging effects of UV Rays. Quality flat roof repairs in Fingal must be performed quickly to reduce the risk of significant damage. Ponding water is a very common problem on flat roofs and is one of the leading causes of leaks. If you are experiencing leaks or think that you may have an issue with ponding water, contact us right away for a qualified flat roof repair in Fingal.

  • Drainage Issues

The drainage system on your flat roof must be kept in proper working order, at all times. This is integral to the health of your flat roofing system, as well as the interior of your building. Occasionally the issue will be as simple as clearing blockages within the drains, caused by debris, sometimes however the issue will need a more in depth flat roof repair in Fingal. Due to the nature of flat roofs, they are not able to clear rain water and snow melts without help, and your flat roof must be designed in a way that allows for this water to flow in the direction of the drains. If this is not the case on your flat roof, a slight slope may need to be added to help the process along. Should you discover a leak or suspect that your drainage system is not functioning properly, contact us immediately for a qualified flat roof repair in Fingal.

All flat roofs will require a quality flat roof repair in Fingal, at some point over its lifespan, and to ensure that the repair is effective and long lasting, you must hire an expert. With timely flat roof repairs in Fingal, combined with regular flat roof maintenance, your flat roof should remain functional and effective for many years to come.

The small rural community of Fingal, is situated within the Township of Southwold Ontario. This scenic community is home to the Fingal Wildlife Management Area, a protected area that stretches over 700 acres. Formerly an air force base, this picturesque conservation area is now home to many hiking trails and is occasionally used for hunting as well. As Fingal is predominately rural, it hosts regular plentiful farmers markets.

Don’t take leaks lightly, hire a reputable contractor to perform quality flat roof repairs in Fingal, at the first sign of trouble. For a complimentary consultation, and quote, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today!