Flat Roof Repair in Ferndale

Flat Roof Repair in FerndaleFlat roofing systems, on commercial buildings allow for optimal space saving, and easy access to the roof top for maintenance. As flat roofs are constantly exposed to UV Rays, and different types of precipitation they can be prone to leaks, and will therefore need a quality flat roof repair in Ferndale at some point. Since 1956 the skilled tradespeople at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal have been providing our customers with excellent customer service, and workmanship that is second to none. Our flat roof repair specialists are highly experienced, and receive thorough training in the latest flat roofing repair applications and materials. With safety being our top priority, we guarantee that ever flat roof repair expert that may step on your roof, has full WSIB coverage, and has been sufficient certified in fall prevention techniques. Should you be experiencing any leaks, or other deficiencies and require a quick and effective flat roof repair in Ferndale, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away. Our efficient and long lasting flat roof repairs in Ferndale, are warrantied, so you can be confident in the level of service that you are receiving.

In order to reduce the costs associated with flat roof repairs in Ferndale, you must first hire a reputable flat roofing contractor. Though many contractors will recommend a full flat roof replacement, often a flat roof repair will be sufficient. Be sure to collect a second opinion before signing any contract, to be sure that you are dealing with an honest flat roofing contractor.

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, our experience allows us to perform competent flat roof repairs in Ferndale, on many different types of flat roofing systems. These Include:

  • TPO flat roofing systems,
  • EPDM flat roofing systems,
  • BUR, or ‘built-up’ flat roofing Systems,
  • PVC flat roofing systems,
  • Metal flat roofing systems,
  • And Modified Bitumen roofing systems.

Though flat roofing systems are durable by design, the constant exposure to the elements can weaken them over time. Maintenance is key in ensuring that any developing issues can be found and repaired, before a costly problem can take hold.  Regular maintenance includes hiring a reputable flat roofing contractor to perform efficient flat roof repairs in Ferndale.

Some of the Most Common Flat Roof Issues Are:

  • Ponding Water

If a pool of water on your flat roof top, is not able to drain properly within 48 hours of precipitation, it is generally defined as Ponding Water. Ponding water can lead to algae development, which can cause rapid deterioration of your flat roof membrane. It is important to ensure that effective flat roof repairs in Ferndale are taken care of before the membrane can begin to degrade, as leaks can develop, and serious damage can occur if left untreated.

  • Debris

If there is an abundance of trees around your commercial building, or if it is situated in an area that frequently experiences high winds, you may find that a build-up of debris on your flat roof is likely. Not only can branches, and other sharp debris puncture you flat roof membrane, leaves and smaller refuse can cause a serious blockage in your drainage system. In either of these instances, leaks become highly likely, and a flat roof repair in Ferndale may be necessary.

  • Drainage Issues

Insufficient drainage on your flat roof is one of the leading causes of leaks. Whether your flat roof was improperly constructed, or there are simply not enough drains to keep up with the precipitation, you will need a quality flat roof repair in Ferndale to rectify this issue. In addition to leaks, the strain that can be placed on your flat roof due to the increased weight of rain, or snow build-up can be catastrophic. If not rectified quickly, the structural integrity of your flat roof, and entire building can be compromised. If your flat roof has a continuing problem with drainage, don’t delay in hiring a reputable flat roofing contractor like AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal.

  • Poor Quality Installation

Although you may have chosen to go with the highest quality of materials for your flat roof replacement, if it was not applied correctly, its effectiveness and longevity will be greatly compromised. As a general rule, it is recommended that you hire a company with over 15 years of experience in the flat roofing industry. This helps to ensure that, should a problem arise, this company will still be around to honor any warranties that you may have been given. Poor application of flat roofing materials, accounts for a great deal of flat roof repairs in Ferndale.

The faster your flat roof issues are detected, the lower your risk of continued damage. This is why we recommend a flat roof maintenance program. By having your flat roof regularly maintained, you increase the likelihood that any flat roof repairs in Ferndale that may be needed, can be carried out quickly. By neglecting this maintenance, you may allow leaks to get out of hand, causing significant damage to the interior of your building, and any merchandise that may be stored there. Loss of revenue is likely without fast and competent flat roof repairs in Ferndale.

Routine Flat Roof Maintenance May Include:

  • Safe removal of ice and snow
  • Clearing of debris from roof top, also in and around drains
  • Completing any necessary flat roof repairs in Tiverton
  • Replacing damaged, or separated flashings
  • Re-caulking any areas around vents, drains, or HVAC systems
  • And much more

Situated halfway between Owen Sound and Tobermory, rests the scenic Hamlet of Ferndale Ontario. Ferndale is often a pit stop for travellers headed further up the Bruce Peninsula. With its close proximity to many beautiful lakes, as well as campgrounds and walking trails, Ferndale comes alive with visitors during the summer months. If your planning a trip up the peninsula this summer, be sure to stop in to this charming Hamlet for all of your supplies.

In order to get the most of your flat roof repair in Ferndale, you must first hire a reputable flat roofing contractor. For leaks, ponding, or drainage issues on your flat roof, contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away, to prevent significant problems from developing.