Flat Roof Repair in Drayton

When you consider what it is that your flat roofing system is in place to protect, it becomes abundantly clear as to why it must be kept in optimal condition. Flat roofing systems are designed to be as durable and easy to maintain, as possible, though leaks can become a prevalent issue. As flat roofing systems are constantly inundated with the absolute worst of mother nature, it is important to receive a quality flat roof repair in Drayton immediately, upon discovery of a possible issue or leak.

As leaders in the flat roofing industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of workmanship, possible. Since 1956 AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal has been performing quality flat roof repairs in Drayton. We offer only premium flat roof repair materials, and our flat roof repair experts are highly experienced in their installation. More than customer service, or workmanship, we place a great deal of importance on the safety of our customers and flat roof repair tradespeople. As such we ensure that all tradespeople that we employ, possess the required WSIB coverage and are thoroughly trained and certified in the proper fall prevention techniques. As a family owned and operated a company, we care about our customers and their specific needs, and our reputation speaks for itself. Don’t let leaks ruin your business or your day, contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today, for an effective and long lasting flat roof repair in Drayton.

Flat Roof Repair in Drayton

We Possess the Experience Necessary to Repair the Following Flat Roofing Systems:

  1. TPO
  2. EPDM
  3. All types of Metal
  4. Modified Bitumen
  5. And more

In order to reduce the amount of significant, and costly flat roof repairs in Drayton that may be needed, you must receive regular flat roof maintenance. This maintenance should be provided by a reputable flat roofing contractor, like AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal to ensure it is done correctly. Flat roof maintenance, including timely flat roof repairs in Drayton, can help to extend the life of your flat roofing system, while keeping it in optimal condition. If you choose to neglect this maintenance, you may be unintentionally voiding your manufacturers warranty and your flat roof will likely experience a plethora of issues over time. Flat roof repairs in Drayton and flat roof maintenance should not be put aside, for any reason.

Flat Roof Maintenance May Include:

  • Snow and Ice removal
  • Clearing of damaging debris
  • Clearing any clogs in your drainage system
  • Replacing damaged flashings
  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Drayton
  • And more

In addition to regular maintenance, and flat roof repairs in Drayton, your flat roof should also be inspected by a professional at least twice a year. Once in the spring, and once prior to the winter season. These inspections serve to ensure that your flat roofing system is in the proper condition, to withstand the severe weather to come.

If you choose to forgo these inspections, or neglect quality flat roof maintenance and flat roof repairs in Drayton, significant issues are likely to occur.

You May Experience:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Structural damage
  • Damage to Merchandise
  • Damage to expensive equipment
  • Personal injury
  • Water damage to deck boards, and interior walls and ceilings
  • And more

Common Flat Roof Issues

Ponding Water

Any area of water on your flat roof, that is unable to drain sufficiently within 48 hours of precipitation, is known as ponding water. This issue is one of the leading causes of flat roof leaks and should not be taken lightly. If left to fester on your rooftop algae growth may occur, and your flat roof membrane is likely to degrade. If you think that you may have an issue with ponding water on your flat roof, a quality flat roof repair in Drayton should be performed, to rectify the problem before it becomes severe.

Drainage Problems

Ponding water is often a result of a faulty, or insufficient drainage system. In order to ensure that your flat roof is kept in the best condition possible, you must have a functional drainage system. Depending on the size of your flat roof, drains should be placed in specific locations, to best clear water caused by heavy rains or snow melts. Drainage issues are another common cause of flat roof leaks. Your flat roof should be designed in a way that allows for water to flow freely towards the drains, and if this is not the case, a flat roof repair should be performed as soon as possible. As flat roofing systems are known to collect random debris, clogs in the drains may also be the issue. If no amount of repairs completely rectifies the situation, you may be in need of a more sufficient drainage system.

Faulty Installation

Regardless of the quality of materials that you may have chosen for your flat roof installation, if they were not applied correctly and with precision, issues are likely to develop. Faulty installation of your flat roofing system can also lead to the possible voiding of your manufacturers warranty. It is very important to hire a reputable, and experienced flat roofing contractor for any flat roof installation, including flat roof repairs in Drayton. Don’t take chances with the integrity of your flat roofing system, as the results can be quite costly in more ways than one.

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Flat roof leaks happen, this is simply a fact of life. How you choose to handle the issue is what will determine the severity of the damage that it causes. Take care of your flat roof with an efficient flat roof repair in Drayton. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal at the first sign of trouble, for a complimentary consultation and quote.