Flat Roof Repair in Dorchester

Flat roofs leak, this is simply a fact. While flat roof maintenance will reduce these instances, it cannot prevent them completely. The only way to prevent the significant damage that these leaks can cause, is to receive a quality flat roof repair in Dorchester at the first sign of an issue.  Flat Roof Repair in DorchesterAt AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have been providing our customers with the most reliable flat roof repairs in Dorchester for over 60 years. We use only premium materials, and our dedication to customer service is unmatched in the industry today, our skilled flat roof repair tradespeople are highly experienced, and are provided with the thorough training in the latest flat roof repair materials and application techniques. The safety of our employees and customers is very important to us, and as such we ensure that every tradesperson in our employ is kept in good standing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board at all times. Our flat roof repair tradespeople are also certified in all fall prevention procedures. Since 1956 we have been providing our customers with the quality of workmanship and service that they deserve. If you are currently dealing with a leak or other deficiency on your flat roofing system, contact the experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away, for a complimentary consultation and quote.

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, our vast experience allows us to provide quality flat roof repairs in Dorchester, on a number of flat roofing systems.

These Include:

  1. TPO
  2. EPDM
  3. All Forms of Metal
  4. Modified Bitumen
  5. PVC
  6. And more

Leaks should not be taken lightly, as even a small leak can signify larger problems lurking beneath the surface of your flat roofing system. for issues of any kind, hire a reputable flat roofing contractor to perform timely flat roof repairs in Dorchester, before the problem can get out of hand.

Common Causes of Flat Roof Leaks:


  • Faulty Installation

The application of flat roofing systems requires skill and experience to ensure an effective installation. It is important to hire a contractor who works exclusively with flat roofing systems, and has experience in excess of 15 years in the industry. Faulty installation by inexperienced contractors accounts for a large number of flat roof leaks. If you have recently received a flat roof replacement, or flat roof repair in Dorchester that is not living up to its expectations, we recommend contacting the original contractor for quick rectification. If this is no longer an option, contact us at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet metal, for a reliable flat roof repair in Dorchester. We offer valuable workmanship warranties, so you can be confident in the level of service that you will receive.

  • Ponding Water

Ponding water is a common issue on flat roofing systems, and is often associated with issues with your drainage system. Any areas of standing water on your flat roof, that does not drain sufficiently within 48hours of precipitation is referred to as ponding water. These areas of standing water provide ideal conditions for algae development and can also magnify the damaging effects of UV rays. Both od these issues can cause the rapid deterioration of your flat roof membrane, leading to leaks and other significant damage. the weight associated with this water build-up can also lead to sags in your flat roof, damaging the integrity of the entire structure. Collapses have been known to occur, especially in under maintained flat roofing systems. If an issue with ponding water is suspected, or you are experiencing leaks or sags, contact a reputable flat roofing contactor to perform a reliable flat roof repair in Dorchester.

  • Drainage Issues

Improperly functioning drainage systems are the number one cause of leaks on flat roofing systems. As flat roofs cannot naturally drain rain water and snow melts, they are entirely reliant on a working drainage system. flat roofs have a tendency to collect debris, and this debris can often clog these much-needed drains leading to overflow and eventually leaks. If your flat roof is not designed in a way that allows water to flow freely towards the drains, a slight slope may need to be installed. the drains. Drainage issues, if left without rectification, can cause a significant amount of interior and exterior damage. If you are experiencing leaks, or suspect that your drainage system may not be sufficient, contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away, for a quality flat roof repair in Dorchester.

  • Age

As your flat roof ages, constant exposure to the elements can cause the materials to weaken. Seams are known to separate, and flashings can begin to deteriorate. This is one of the main reasons as to why older flat roofs seem to have a tendency to leak more frequently. If you have not been receiving regular flat roof maintenance, your issues may be exacerbated. A fast and efficient flat roof repair in Dorchester is necessary to ensure that no further damage is caused.

Timely flat roof repairs in Dorchester, along with regular flat roof maintenance is key to ensuring that the health and integrity of your flat roofing system remains intact.

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Stop flat roof leaks before they can cause costly damage, with a reliable flat roof repair in Dorchester. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet metal today for a complimentary consultation, and quote.