Flat Roof Repair in Creemore 

Flat Roof Repair Creemore OntarioAt AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have been providing our customer with the most cost-effective and efficient flat roof repair in Creemore since 1956. We provide our tradespeople with continuous training on the latest flat roof repair materials and application techniques. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we take the safety of our customers and tradespeople very seriously, and as such we ensure that they are sufficiently certified in the proper fall prevention techniques, and equipment. Our flat roof repair specialists also possess the necessary WSIB coverage. For 6 decades we have been committed to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship, and our reputation is one of professionalism and knowledge. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have the experience necessary to provide effective flat roof repairs in Creemore, on a variety of flat roofs. Don’t allow leaks, or other flat roofing deficiencies to ruin your day, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and flat roof repair quote.

There are many things that can cause leaks in a flat roofing system. While emergencies are not often preventable, there are many issues that are. The best way to ensure that your flat roof is able to stand up to the weather, and provide effective protection, is to hire a reputable flat roofing contractor to perform consistent flat roof maintenance. This maintenance plan can be tailored to the specific needs of your individual flat roof and will help to extend the lifespan of your flat roofing system.

Our Flat Roof Maintenance Plans May Include:

  • Clearing of snow or ice
  • Removing invasive debris from rooftop
  • Clearing debris from around the drains
  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Creemore
  • Replacing deficient flashings
  • Re-caulking around drains and vents
  • And more

In combination with your flat roof maintenance plan, and timely flat roof repairs in Creemore, you should also have your flat roof inspected twice a year. These inspections should be completed once in the spring, and once in late fall. By having thorough inspections done at these times, you will ensure that your flat roof is in optimal condition to withstand the inclement weather to come.

There are many issues commonly associated with flat roofing systems, and each requires a timely flat roof repair in Creemore, in order to reduce the amount of damage caused. By allowing leaks to continue without rectification, you may be causing irreparable damage to your roof decking, ceiling, and interior walls. If these leaks persist, your flat roof may also suffer a complete structural failure, leading to loss of revenue, and a hefty flat roof replacement bill. By hiring a professional for a competent flat roof repair in Creemore, at the first sign of any trouble, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of costly damage.

3 Common Flat Roof Problems

  •  Age

Aging flat roofing systems tend to be prone to leaks. This is because, as your flat roof ages, the membrane and seals will begin to weaken. Luckily, there are many effective solutions for flat roof repair in Creemore. While many flat roofing contractors will encourage you to consider a full flat roof replacement instead, we recommend getting a second opinion before committing. In many cases, an efficient and quality flat roof repair in Creemore will be enough to allow your flat roof to function well, for a few more years.

  •  Drainage

In order to prevent water damage to your flat roof membrane, and possible leaks, you must ensure that your drainage system is functioning properly. Drains, especially on flat roofing systems, can become clogged quite often by debris that ends up on the rooftop. While this is a relatively simple fix, needing a fairly simple flat roof repair in Creemore, some drainage issues are not so simple. In many cases, your drainage issue are a result of improper placement of the drains themselves. In order for the water to drain from your flat roof efficiently, your flat roof must be designed in a way that allows this water to flow towards the drains. If you are experiencing a constant issue with ponding water, your drainage system is likely the problem. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal for an efficient flat roof repair in Creemore.

  •  Ponding Water

Defined as a pool of standing water that is unable to sufficiently drain within 48hours of precipitation, Ponding water can cause a number of issues. Ponding water can allow for the growth algae on your flat roof membrane, as well as magnifying the affects of the UV Rays. As these issues can result in the rapid deterioration of your flat roof membrane, leaks are likely to develop. To reduce the risk of costly damage, you must hire a competent flat roofing contractor to perform a quality flat roof repair in Creemore as soon as possible.

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If you have discovered a leak on your flat roof, it is best to have a quality flat roof repair in Creemore performed as quickly as possible. Reduce your chances of significant and costly damage by contact the flat roof repair experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away!