Flat Roof Repair in Cambridge 

 Flat Roof Repair in CambridgeFlat roofing systems leak, this is simply a fact of life. Regardless of the quality of installation, or the quality of materials, your flat roof will leak at some point over its lifespan. This will result in the need for a quality flat roof repair in Cambridge. The significance of the leaks, and the damage its able cause will be entirely dependant on the amount of maintenance that your flat roof has received, and the urgency in which you hire a flat roofing contractor for a competent flat roof repair in Cambridge.

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have been providing our customers with the most cost-effective, and efficient solutions to their flat roof repairs in Cambridge, for more than six decades. Our flat roof repair specialists are highly experienced, and their skill level is unmatched. We provide our tradespeople with the most up to date training, in the latest flat roof repair techniques and materials. As important as quality workmanship, the safety of our employees and customers is our number one priority. As such we ensure that every flat roof repairs expert that we employ has been sufficiently certified in the proper fall prevention procedures. Our tradespeople also possess the necessary WSIB coverage. We have more than sufficient experience to allow us to offer premium flat roof repairs in Cambridge, on a variety of flat roofing systems. Should you experience a deficiency of any kind on your flat roofing system, contact the flat roof repair specialists at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal.

The only way to effectively maintain the integrity of your flat roofing system, is to ensure that a quality maintenance plan is in place. These maintenance plans can be individualised to give you optimal results, and can add years to the life of your flat roofing system. When combined with timely flat roof repairs in Cambridge, there is no better way to protect the effectiveness of your flat roofing system, than regular flat roof maintenance.

This Flat Roof Maintenance Plan May Include:

  • Removal of snow accumulation
  • Removing debris from the rooftop
  • Clearing debris from in and around the drains
  • Preventative flat roof repairs in Cambridge
  • Replacing separated flashings
  • Replacing caulking around vents, HVACs, and drains
  • And more

Your flat roof should also be inspected at least twice a year. These inspections should be thorough, and completed once after the winter season, and once prior to it. These inspections, if done by a quality contractor, should ensure that any deficiencies are rectified quickly, allowing your flat roof to go into the following seasons in optimal condition.

As a commercial building owner, you likely have expensive equipment or merchandise, or both, stored inside. If you neglect to provide timely flat roof repairs in Cambridge, at the first sign of a leak, you may end up with significant damage. Loss of revenue, damage to equipment, ruined merchandise, and even personal injury are risks that you take by choosing to forgo regular maintenance, and efficient flat roof repairs in Cambridge.

Common Flat Roof Problems

  • Faulty Installation

Faulty construction of your flat roofing system, can lead to serious issues. Even if you chose premium flat roof materials, if they have not been installed properly, you will very likely experience problems. One of the most common causes of flat roof leaks, are flat roofing systems that have not been installed with care. We recommend contacting the contractor who installed your flat roof, to allow them to rectify the situation. Should you no longer be able to contact your specific flat roofing contractor, it is very important that you choose an experience flat roof repair specialist for a quality and effective flat roof repair in Cambridge.

  • Drainage

One of the most integral parts of your flat roof system, is its drainage system. as flat roofs do not naturally allow for the clearing of water, in order to prevent ponding, your drainage system must be sufficient. You must ensure that your flat roof contains enough drains for its size, and your flat roof should be constructed in a way that allows rain water and snow melts, to flow towards the drains themselves. Clogged drains are also a leading cause of roof leaks, and ponding water. This is not an insignificant issue, and it must be rectified with a quality flat roof repair in Cambridge, to reduce the water damage that can be caused.

  • Ponding Water

Ponding water is often a result of clogged, or insufficient drainage on your flat roof. Though age, and a sagging flat roof can also attribute to this damaging condition. As standing water will add additional weight to your flat roof, it must be cleared quickly to prevent any structural damage. Ponding water can also cause algae to grow on your flat roof membrane, and this can cause the deterioration of your flat roof membrane. Leaks are often prevalent in the case of standing water, and you must take care to rectify the issue as soon as possible. Hiring a reputable flat roofing contractor for a qualified flat roof repair in Cambridge, will ensure that the problem is stopped at its source, instead of receiving a temporary and ineffective solution.

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If you have discovered a leak on your flat roof, it is best to have a quality flat roof repair in Cambridge performed as quickly as possible. Reduce your chances of significant and costly damage by contact the flat roof repair experts at AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal right away!