Flat Roof Repair in Acton

Though highly beneficial for use on commercial buildings, flat roofing systems can be prone to leaks. It is important to repair these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, by hiring an established flat roofing contractor, for quality flat roof repairs in Acton. At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, we have been providing our customers with the highest quality of flat roof repairs in Acton, for over 60 years. Since our inception in 1956, AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal has compiled a wealth of experience in the flat roofing industry. Our flat roof repair specialists are thoroughly trained in the most up to date solutions to flat roof repair in Acton. Our flat roof repair tradespeople possess the required WSIB coverage and are sufficiently certified in the proper fall prevention techniques, and equipment. When it comes to your flat roof leave nothing to chance, hire only the best for your flat roof repair in Acton, contact AM flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today!

At AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal, our vast experience in the flat roofing industry has allowed us to retain the ability to repair a variety of flat roofing systems. Every flat roof will have its own unique issues to contend with, and we pride ourselves on our continued ability to provide the most effective flat roof repairs in Acton, regardless of the flat roof material.

flat roof repair in Acton ON

We Provide Quality Flat Roof Repair in Acton on the Following Flat Roofing Systems:

  1. TPO
  2. EPDM
  3. Modified Bitumen
  4. All Types of Metal
  5. PVC
  6. And more

4 Common Flat Roof Issues:


Aging flat roofing systems can experience a number of issues, including significant leaks. The older your flat roof, the weaker the materials will become, and the more likely it is that you will need a quality flat roof repair in Acton. If you have a competent flat roof maintenance plan in place, you will be less likely to experience these serious issues. If your flat roof has been neglected for a significant period of time, you can expect to incur serious damage to both your flat roofing system, as well as the interior of your building. If you are experiencing issues with your aging flat roofing system, this does not necessarily require a full flat roof replacement. Contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today, to discuss the options available for a quality and long lasting flat roof repair in Acton.

Poor Drainage

The drainage system on your flat roof is integral to its health and functionality. If your flat roof is experiencing issues with leaks, or you have noticed a number of areas with water pools, you will require a quality flat roof repair in Acton. As drainage issues are the leading cause of leaks on flat roofing systems, it is best to rectify the issue as soon as possible after discovery, to minimize the risk of serious damage. In some cases, the solution will be as simple as unclogging the drains, while more serious issues may require the replacement of the entire drainage system. For a complimentary flat roof consultation, contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today.

Ponding water

Ponding water is a serious issue that can lead to leaks and may cause your flat roof to sag. Any water that is not able to drain from your flat roof, within 48 hours of precipitation is known as ponding water. Not only can this problem result in algae development on your flat roof membrane, it may also increase the damaging effects of UV rays which can lead to rapid deterioration of the seams in your flat roof, as well as the substrate itself. Drainage issues are the most likely cause of ponding water, and a knowledgeable solution to the problem should be considered. If you notice any areas of water on your flat roof, that do not drain sufficiently within the required timeframe, a competent flat roof repair in Acton should be considered as well.

Poor Initial Installation

Though you may have chosen the highest quality of materials available to you, if they have not been installed with skill precision, you can expect issues to arise. From leaks to sagging, and even structural damage, you may experience costly issues, should you choose cost over quality when it comes to your flat roof installation. There is a good chance that your manufacturers warranty will also be void if the installation of your flat roof was done in a faulty manner. For flat roof installations, and flat roof repairs in Acton, hiring a flat roofing contractor with more than 15 years of experience is your best chance at receiving a quality and effective finished product.

In order to ensure that your flat roofing system has the best possible chance at a long and effective life, you must provide it with regular maintenance, and timely flat roof repairs in Acton. Not only will these flat roofing solutions help to lengthen the lifespan of your flat roofing system, they will also minimize the amount of significant flat roof repairs in Acton, that are needed.

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If you have discovered a leak on your flat roof, regardless of size, a quality flat roof repair in Acton should be completed as soon as possible. For a complimentary flat roof consultation, and for all of your flat roof repairs in Acton, contact AM Flat Roofing & Sheet Metal today!