Flat Roof Myths

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Flat roof with EPDMThere’s a lot of misinformation surrounding flat roofs that can lead you to be wary of getting one. Fortunately, most of these myths are just that: Myths. Unfortunately, this means that we find ourselves debunking these myths to clients a lot. So, we figured we would make a blog post about it. Not that we aren’t perfectly happy discussing these myths with you, we love chatting with our customers, but more for your own knowledge.

Myth #1: Flat Roofs Leak More (Than Pitched)

It’s true that flat roofs can leak, but they don’t necessarily leak more than any other type of roof- if it was properly installed and maintained. Proper maintenance and regular inspections can not only prevent leaks but extend the life of your roof.

Myth #2: Flat Roofs Can’t be Insulated

Most flat roofs can be insulated or designed to be more energy efficient depending on the type and structure of the building.